Monday, September 14, 2009

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No, b.i.d. doesn't work. Mercy, but it certainly doesn't work! -- or works too well, however one wants to look at it. Cutting back to one gabapentin at night won't hold off the RLS. I'd try to live with the pinpricks and electric shocks and burning thighs and all if I could just have sleep ...

So I've e-mailed my neuro asking what can we do now? I didn't call. This is Monday and I'm sure there are serious problems to be addressed on a Monday.

No more gabapentin for me. I don't want Lyrica or Cymbalta as they have their own side effects.

I still have one-half of a Vicodin left over from 2 years ago when I had the reconstruction after mastectomies. Will try to 'make do' with 1 ibuprofen and 1 acetaminophen, which doesn't always work. Can I cut that 1/2 Vicodin in two? Wonder how well a one-fourth Vicodin works?

Are we having fun yet? NOoooooooooooooooooo, darnit.

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