Saturday, September 26, 2009

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Have been remiss about posting. Have added Imodium to my regimen ... whenever the neurontin/gabapentin starts to add its unwelcome side effect, take an Imodium with the morning's gabapentin. So far -- so good. Keeping fingers crossed.

So it's take a pill, then take another pill to ward off the side effects of the first pill.

What a melluvahess this is!

But I'm in so much better shape than so many others that I can only count myself as being very very lucky.

At this moment there is a young woman, San Francisco cop -- on medical leave, of course, whose CIDP was so bad that she should've had a bone marrow transplant. Since insurances don't pay for that sort of thing and her fellow cops and her friends and family couldn't come up with that huge amount, she and her docs decided to go for the next best thing ( also not paid for by insurance ) ... jolting her with heavy heavy chemo, then harvesting her own stem cells, more meds, then return her stem cells ... and pray.

Yes, I am lucky.

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