Sunday, June 20, 2010


In today's Parade magazine ... finally! ... an admission from the medical establishment ...

"Many people know that cancer can cause profound tiredness, but they may not realize that fatigue can persist in some survivors for years. 'We're not entirely sure, but it may be due to unchecked inflammation in the body' says Dr. Patricia Ganz, a professor at UCLA School of Medicine.

"Treatment could possibly push the immune system into overdrive, and in certain patients the resulting inflammation could increase fatigue 'as if the body were constantly fighting off a bad flu'."

And that immune system response could manifest in many ways, among them, of course, CIDP.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

sorry! i've been remiss in posting...

I've just found another blog, a good one:

I've been relatively stable for quite awhile now. But I've suffered one of the side effects of gabapentin: diarrhea. I had been taking gabapentin t.i.d. Neuro said to use Imodium. Internist was aghast. I cut out all fresh veggies. No help there. So I cut back on the gabapentin and that's kept the diarrhea manageable, that and very small salads. But with the cutback came the RLS -- big time! On the nights when that's really nasty, I cut in half a Vicodin I got from my daughter ( dental work for her ... she didn't use the med ) and that takes the edge off the RLS after 10-15 minutes.

I have an appointment with the neuro next week. I'll see what she says, though I doubt much will change.

Pinpricks in toes are kept at bay, as are the electric zingers in the hands. Thighs still burn. I notice less strength in my legs and arms. Am looking into a stationary bike ... I wonder if I'd use it faithfully?

Oh yes, and my toes feel like squishy grapes sitting on the ends of my feet. I have to laugh at that. : )