Friday, September 11, 2009

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I cut back on the gabapentin. Instead of 300 mg. t.i.d., just one capsule at bedtime. I'd hoped that would hold the RLS at bay.

It didn't.

3 hours into the night, squirming and thrashing about, I got up and took my "fix" regimen of 1 acetaminophen and 1 ibuprofen. Also chewed one fiber tablet, which is something someone on the GBS/CIDP forum had suggested. Seemed strange, but -- what the heck -- might as well give it a try, too.

It wasn't just the RLS. The "burn" of my thighs was back in full force rather than subdued as it had been with the higher dose gabapentin.

So now it's one 300 mg. capsule twice a day. And a fiber tablet twice a day.

What is it Jamie Lee Curtis hawks on TV? ... oh yes, Activia ... ; )

I hate this disease!

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