Sunday, August 7, 2011

This is in reaponse to a message from Vic:

There is a large CIDP group on Facebook. There is also

There are various treatments. Work for some. Not for others. Stem cell therapy is very much the last resort of treatment.

I know some, like me, minimally afflicted at the moment. And I know some who have a nasty progressive CIDP which reminds me greatly of ALS/Lou Gehrig's Disease in the way it debilitates.

Yes, I surely do understand the pain ... electric shocks/zingers, screaming quads, mushy grape feeling toes, etc.

If your friend is without health insurance, the best option would be Medicaid, for now at least. Should he be one with severe CIDP, he will be able to file for Social Security Disability [ which is different from SSI, which is SS Suplemental Income, which he could apply for now ].

I wish him, and you, the very best of outcomes. Do please keep in touch.