Thursday, August 6, 2009

CIDP, Rocky's Blog

April 2007. Dx of breast cancer
May 2007. Biopsy
June 2007 2nd biopsy
July 2007 Mastectomy x 2

Almost immediately felt what seemed an over-exercise "burn" in thighs.

November 2007. Saw neurologist.

December 2007. 6 weeks physical therapy. Fun, but didn't help matters.

January 2008. Back to neurologist. Referral to her "guru" at Neuro Institute in Houston.

October 2008. 3 days with the neuro "guru". Blood work. Physical exams. EMG. Lumbar puncture. No definitive dx, but could be IBM, Inclusion Body Myopathy. Come back in 6 months.

December 2008. Saw neuro here.

April 2009. Back to neuro guru. More blood work. More neuro physical. More extensive EMG procedures this time. It isn't IBM, it's CIDP. Come back in a year, but sooner for IVIg if pain is too ugly.

June 2009. Back to neuro here. Start neurontin/gabapentin, 300 mg. once a day.

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