Saturday, June 19, 2010

sorry! i've been remiss in posting...

I've just found another blog, a good one:

I've been relatively stable for quite awhile now. But I've suffered one of the side effects of gabapentin: diarrhea. I had been taking gabapentin t.i.d. Neuro said to use Imodium. Internist was aghast. I cut out all fresh veggies. No help there. So I cut back on the gabapentin and that's kept the diarrhea manageable, that and very small salads. But with the cutback came the RLS -- big time! On the nights when that's really nasty, I cut in half a Vicodin I got from my daughter ( dental work for her ... she didn't use the med ) and that takes the edge off the RLS after 10-15 minutes.

I have an appointment with the neuro next week. I'll see what she says, though I doubt much will change.

Pinpricks in toes are kept at bay, as are the electric zingers in the hands. Thighs still burn. I notice less strength in my legs and arms. Am looking into a stationary bike ... I wonder if I'd use it faithfully?

Oh yes, and my toes feel like squishy grapes sitting on the ends of my feet. I have to laugh at that. : )

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