Monday, August 10, 2009

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Phooey! As usual on Monday, I go over to "play in the dirt" at my daughter's house. I walked on something that made my foot go into a watering well around a large live oak tree. Fell onto the concrete patio. Not too bad. Will have black and blue knee and black and blue right palm, but -- all in all -- not bad. Not an easy time getting back up.

Then I went to water in the front yard and put my foot over the 8-inch high border "fencing" ... to get to the wall faucet, y'see. But somehow my foot wasn't far enough inside the fencing and I ripped up the back of my ankle area.

My feet obviously aren't moving as I had assumed they were still moving. Bummer!

Before I left home, the neuro's office called. She'd still like a sleep study since I'd complained of fatigue and drenching head sweats at night ( and day, really ). Well, from everything I've read, fatigue is the usual, the norm. And I've also read of others having the drenching head sweats. Besides, I told the office nurse, since I've been on gabapentin in the b.i.d. ( and now t.i.d. ) dose, I've not had any head sweats ( oh my -- knock on wood !!! ). So I declined the test. Don't suppose that makes the neuro too happy and the nurse did tell me it would be in my record that I "refused". Can't win, can I?

As I said ... Phooey !!

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