Thursday, August 6, 2009

CIDP ... Rocky's blog

This is August 6, 2009. I have started this blog to keep track of what's happening to me as far as this CIDP goes, but also to hopefully hear from others who have dealt with or are in the midst of trying to deal with their own CIDP and its problems.

I find the Neuropathy Association only slightly helpful in that there really isn't much regarding CIDP as one of the peripheral neuropathies. It gives a hopeful viewpoint and that's good, not always real-life, but hopeful.

As I started down this path, I did research, extensive really. I found several published papers, among them from the NIH and Mayo, that linked CIDP to breast, ovarian, lung cancers.

I'm guessing that folks like me must've had very well-developed immune systems for them to go "bananas" and start attacking elsewhere in our bodies. I always thought it great that I seemed to have a more than adequate immune system as far as not "catching" things.

Well, so much for that theory! : )

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